Tips for your living room by carpentry experts

In this article we will give you tips for setting up your living room with oriental carpets. We have listed some examples including photos.

Sure, you know you want to change something in your home. As soon as you are in the business of your choice in search of a suitable carpet, the question arises: Does this carpet really fit our furnishing? How does the radiance of the room change?

We would like to show you a few examples below. The furniture remains unchanged, only the oriental carpets vary in style and color.

Example 1)


We have taken a classic orient carpet in muted brown-black color with a traditional floral pattern. The seat group is very muted in this carpet. The room looks darker overall and smaller, although the color world fits well with the dark leather sofas as well as the light parquet floor.
This style of carpet is recommended in very spacious and open living rooms, in order not to lose any optical space. The traditional pattern of the orient carpet gives the sofa corner a classic appearance.

Example 2)


The second oriental carpet, beige-black with tendril pattern and striking border, behaves very similar to the first carpet. The color black-beige fits perfectly to the living world. This creates a coherent picture, since the sofas and the parquet floor in particular take up the carpet colors.
The color of the carpet – in particular the high proportion of beige – makes the seating group look brighter and more friendly than in our first example. This is further emphasized by the more modern vine pattern: the traditional appearance of the Oriental rug is preserved. The basic color black offers a nice contrast to the bright parquet floor of the living room.

All in all, the oriental carpet of the seating group adds elegance. This is rounded off by the simple classic leather sofas. This carpet is ideal for buyers who want to give their living room a touch of elegance. Our tip: It is best if it is in a large area, so that its basic color does not reduce too much the optical size of the room.

Example 3)


Our third carpet is a very light model in the basic color beige with brown tendrils and small medallions. Due to its bright basic color the sofa corner looks optically airy and generous, the space is visually “opened” and gains in expanse.
On the other hand, the oriental carpet stands out slightly from the parquet floor in color. This carpet is therefore also suitable for smaller living rooms, since its basic color lends brightness to the room.
The pattern is much more subtle. This is underlined by its brighter background tones. This makes this carpet more modern than Example 1 and Example 2. The carpet is not only more modern; He is more in the background because of his overall simpler appearance.

Example 4)


This is a classic edition of an orient carpet. The basic color red is its most outstanding feature. The floral pattern with small tendrils lends it classical elegance. Due to its intense color, it is an eye-catcher on every floor. In our example, it forms a beautiful color contrast with the light parquet flooring and the dark leather sofas.
This carpet fits perfectly into a classically simple set-up, so that it can fully unfold its validity. Its conspicuousness requires large rooms, since in small living rooms it quickly becomes too obtrusive and the space optically expands. A wonderful carpet for lovers of classic orient carpet!

Example 5)


This bright and elegant Nain carpet lets your living room shine. The basic color beige brings brilliance and width into the room. The floral pattern as well as the noble materials give it elegance.
The carpet color is also captured by the pillow covers and reflects a harmonious overall picture of the sofa corner.
Since the basic color is a Cremeton, the carpet forms a successful contrast to the parquet floor.
Overall, the living room with this carpet looks bright, inviting and spacious. Our furniture tip: best combine with a simple and timeless furniture.

Example 6)


In this example you will see a beautiful Ziegler carpet in classic red with vines and ornaments. His warm red attracts attention.
In order to make the Oriental carpet most effective, a rather simple style of living is suitable, in our example the dark straight-lined leather sofas. Bright floors, here the parquet floor, form a nice contrast to the carpet. By its intense red, it gives the living room a certain warmth, but at the same time takes a little of its generosity.
Whoever decides for this kind of carpet needs a rather large living room so that the carpet can unfold its signaling effect without taking the space.

Example 7)


This example shows a typical classic orient carpet. Throughout, with tendrils, ornaments, and medallions, he may at first sight bring a certain unrest into the room.
A simple arrangement puts this into perspective and makes its pattern as well as its unusual coloration very effective.
With its basic colors green and brown this carpet is discreetly colored.
The unobtrusive colors do not take the living room neither the width nor the Oriental carpet to dominate the foreground. For those who love simple elegance!

Example 8)


Another example from the Ziegler collection. Classic colors and patterns determine its design. This brings color into every room and spreads living atmosphere.
Those who do not like the intense colors of the classic orient carpet are well advised with this color combination.
The carpet offers discreet classic. Despite its bright basic color, it offers a wonderful contrast to any kind of light flooring.

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With the help of these examples, we would like to show you how much the interplay of color and pattern of the carpet as well as your furniture influence the effect in the living room. We hope to provide you with useful tips and suggestions for the purchase of your desired carpet.

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